Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Sup

This pass weekend went out and played on a new toy. Sunny and warm fall day in the southern chesapeake bay. Put on the spring suit and went for a SUP, Stand Up PaddleBoarding.  Just another great way to explore the more shallow areas of the Chesapeake Bay, inlets and waterways. This model is a Michael Dolsey 10'6" Big Bamboo. Great for flat water and surf. Video and pic shot with GoPro Hero2.


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  2. I saw your very pretty boat at the marina where I keep our Alberg 30, Rinn Duin #272 (slip G13). As you may know there are many A30's on the Chesapeake and quite a few down our end of the river. Hope to see you out sailing!

  3. I am contemplating buying Janus and will look this weekend. Just curious if there is any peculiarities I should be aware of or upgrades you might recommend. I'm pretty stoked about getting her so I wondered how if worked out for you and what made you decide to sell her. Thanks, Clay